Gambling just happens to be a favorite pastime of millions of Americans. You have casinos all over the country. Gambling even dates as far back as the Roman Empire.

When gladiators would engage in battle in the Roman Colosseum, many onlookers would bet to see who the victor would be at the end of the battle. Gambling is still a favorite pastime today.

Although land-based gambling casinos are where most of the gambling started. Online casinos are now pretty popular in their own right. In this article, we’ll discuss what online games are available for play.

Online Slots.

Online slots and Las Vegas slots have few similarities. Reels are normally used for traditional play. It would be very difficult to find classic or land-based play online.

And the screen would be a video instead of reels if you are lucky enough to find them. The payout to play on the internet is much higher than not playing on the internet as well, this is an advantage that playing on the internet has over classic play.

Land-based casinos often hold as much as 10% of your money. Whereas online casinos only hold 5% of your money. Online casinos also offer points that translate into real cash when you join VIP programs. Compared to land-based casinos that normally only offer overpriced food, free plays, and hotels for points earned.

Online Blackjack.

Blackjack is another game you can play online. Blackjack is one of the first games that would digitize because it attracts many players worldwide. This obviously translates into more money for online casino owners.

It’s easier to play Blackjack online because you don’t have as many distractions. You can actually just log onto your computer and begin playing in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have the pressure of large crowds, as well as people scrutinizing your play.

Another advantage of playing online blackjack is that you can play anytime you want without worrying whether blackjack tables are available. Online blackjack also offers is speed. No waiting on a slow card dealer because the computer software shuffles the cards for you.

Online Poker.

Poker is another game you can play on the internet. And just like every other game you play on the internet, it has its advantages. For example, online poker offers a huge game selection in comparison to in casino poker rooms which offer limited options when joining a tournament or a cash table.

Online poker also offers the ability to bet low amounts like micro limits and lower stakes. In house casino doesn’t offer these options in terms of lower rates and micro limits.

The advantages of playing with online casinos are endless. Slots are available with more options. Online slots also offer the ability to win more. As do virtually every other online game.

Online casino play appears to be the way to go in 2020 and beyond. Simply put, whatever game you decide to play online you stand to win more by taking advantage of more bonuses and discounts the casinos offer those who play on the internet.