What could be more fun than sitting back and relaxing while playing online from the comfort of your own home? Online gaming has become a huge phenomenon in recent years due to increasing knowledge and advances in technology. When you play online you are able to connect with more people and play a larger variety of games as the options are endless when you play online. The top five games to play online includes slots, online casino, spades, texas hold ’em and Minecraft.

Slots Online

Slots are a lot of fun for everyone, they are easy to play and some would say even relaxing. Playing slots online is a great way to satisfy your longing to visit the casino but in a safe and worry-free manner. When playing from your couch you can easily set limits to what you want to spend, or you can even opt to play risk-free by utilizing fake gaming credits or coins to gamble with. The choice is yours and the different types of slots available online are truly endless.

Online Casino

Online Casinos such as Bigfish are becoming more and more prevalent in the day and age of technology and online gaming. Playing online casino games is fun because you can gamble from the comfort of your own home and with or without real money. You can choose from a huge selection of different games and it is much easier and comfortable than actually going out to an actual casino.

Spades Plus

Spades Plus is a fun, interactive card game that allows players to play with other people online in an easy manner. You are able to play using Spades coins and credits making it risk-free, and the only purchase necessary is if you choose to buy more coins to play more games when you run out. It’s also a lot of fun as you can chat with other players, become friends with players you enjoy playing with and just generally have a great card game.

Texas Hold’em

If you like playing poker then I’m sure you are familiar with Texas hold’em. Texas hold em’ is a great game to play online because when you play online you can connect with more people and really get a good game going. Player stats will tell you how advanced they are and the more you play the higher you can get your rating which will then allow you to play in the big leagues.


Although it is mostly thought of as a kids’ game, Minecraft is actually a very fun and strategic game. You are able to put your engineering and building skills to the test while also having a great time socializing with other players. Minecraft allows you to be creative and to imagine a whole new world.