Everybody has activities they love, whether just to keep boredom away or keep happy and active. I’ve collated my top 5 hobbies into a list of my personal favourite activities.

1. Running

It’s certainly not for everyone. I have friends who laugh at me because even when we go on holiday together I will get up early and put my running shoes on and do 5k – 10k depending how I feel. It’s probably more of a habit than a hobby at this stage. It keeps me healthy and I love to get fresh air in the morning. And I can always join my friends who are chilling at the beach afterwards!

2. Reading

I’ve dedicated a whole page to this already! You can read it here.

3. Cooking

I’m not the greatest cook, but I love to learn new recipes when I have time on my hands and to make comfort food when it’s rainy and cold outside. Dishes like Mac n cheese, chicken pie, and lasagne. My best friend is vegan so I often learn awesome new dishes from her and love to visit the farmers market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. It really does taste great and it supports your community to buy local produce.

4. Play games

I am not a ‘gamer’ but I do enjoy playing some playstation and xbox games! Right now I am playing Unchartered 4, but I keep getting killed. I also play a lot of blackjack online and poker free roll tournaments. I don’t play all the time, but on nights when I don’t feel like going out it’s nice to stay at home, have a cup of tea and play a few hands.

5. Watch movies

I love watching movies! I go to the cinema nearly every week. I’m also really lucky that I have a garden with a blank white garage wall, so now I’ve bought a projector to host my own movie nights for friends during summer! We make popcorn and put beanbags down. It’s really fun to watch old comedies and action films from when we were kids.

So there you have it folks, my top 5 hobbies! How does this compare to yours? Maybe you can recommend something for me!