I’ve recently started playing some online slots. I play for free so I can try out the games and not lose any of my money. (I need to save my money so I can play the lottery!) One of the things that I had no clue about was Scatter Bonuses. What the heck is a scatter bonus feature?? Hopefully my guide will help you through this mystery!

Scatter Bonus Symbols

A Scatter Symbol Bonus is one of the various ways you can build up credits as well as higher chances of getting a Progressive Jackpot or any other type of bonus you’re playing for. The majority of slot games offer a Scatter Bonus to players. Some of them have to appear on a certain line hit which still allows players to trigger the Bonus Game as well as a Bet Win which they receive before the bonus starts.

You’ll find that these Scatter Bonuses all vary depending on each Slot Machines rules as well as the category of the game you’re playing. The chances of getting a Scatter Bonus Symbol on these slots all vary depending on the way the game is designed. Every game operates on a maths model, with different game patterns. Each has different awards, scatters and multipliers. Still with me at this point? Don’t worry, it sounds more complicated than it really is.

Players in the past have been confused on how to receive a Scatter Bonus Feature mainly because they didn’t realize the specialized Scatter Symbols are way different than the normal symbols they’ll typically see on their slot games’ pay lines. New players who might be interested in online casino slots should always take a look at the Pay Table before playing to see what each line pays. That way there’ll be no surprises. Looking at the pay table before playing will help you decide which bet is the best choice to play. You’ll also learn how well the machine pays, and any other special features or symbols to look for.

Where can I find Scatter Bonuses Online?

Scatter Bonuses can be found on online Casino Video Slots, Arcade Slots, Casino Fruit Machines. All of the scatter bonuses found on these types of slot machines definitely make use of these Scatter Symbols and allows the player to unlock several different types of Bonus Features. Exciting!

What happens in the bonus feature? Well, bonus features often include a certain amount of Free Spins, Picking Symbols or Bonus Feature Wheels. You might also find a Mini Bonus Game or Picking Bonus Credits and multipliers. Once unlocked, you might have the chance to either pick a symbol for a certain amount of Free Spins, unless the Scatter Bonus already has a certain amount of Free Spins predetermined.

Every Online Slot Game has a different setting with different winning lines which might also give players the opportunity to pick the multiplier and the amount of lines within the Scatter Bonus Features. All Scatter Bonuses gives players a fun and different type of mini in-game entertainment. The main plus with them is you get the chance to win a much bigger payout.